About Elkarino Nigeria Ltd.

ELKARINO NIGERIA LIMITED as a key indigenous player in the Oil and gas industry established in 2001 as Engineering and Service Support Company focused with providing key operational and project support components to the Oil and Gas Industry. ELKARINO Nigeria Limited is in direct partnership with world class measurement/other OEM (USA/EUROPE) and is able to deliver a full quality package support product across all standards for:


  • Flow meters (Positive displacement meters / Turbine meters / Ultrasonic meters)
  • Supervisory/monitoring control systems (Flow computers)
  • Gas/Crude full system integration/Custody transfer product systems (LACT Units/Proverloops)/Valves/Pumps/Gear Boxes
  • Treating and Conditioning Gas/Oil/Water/Dredging Services


In our drive to deliver a one source full customer support service in the measurement space, ELKARINO Nigeria Limited has, setup and fully functional from our Port Harcourt operational base, measurement certified field service measurement unit with extended capability to carry out repairs, maintenance(meter proving & calibration),facility manning/control and after market support on both onshore and offshore facilities while Equipment selection/application, Conceptual and detail design of metering systems/skids/provers, control system integration, complete system overhauls/upgrade is done in collaboration with our Technical Support Partner – Domicile in USA/EUROPE.



Our Vision Statement


Our Mission Statement



Corporate Strategy



HSE Policy Statement

It is the Policy of ELKARINO NIGERIA LIMITED to conduct our operations in a manner which protects people, the environment and property and which conforms with all applicable legislation.


We are convinced that the prevention of accidents and preservation of the environment are essential in the efficient operation of our business.


The well being of our own and the employees is a major factor in all fact of our business. People are a most valuable asset and their safety is a prime consideration. No job is so important or urgent that time cannot be taken to do it safely. The company has overall and final responsibility for Safety, Health and the Environmental matters.


Although the responsibility for safe operations and a safe place of work rests clearly with all sections of management, every employee must recognize his or her responsibilities to ensure that this policy is pursued with diligence, and that everyone is aware of their responsibilities.


It is the company Policy to do everything that is reasonably practical to prevent injury to employees and protect the interest of clients and the general public. Towards this end, the requirements of the company Safety, Health Environmental Policy are to:

  1. Provide and maintain a Safe and Healthy Environment in which to work.
  2. Establish and maintain safe systems of work.
  3. Ensure all employees are provided with such information training and Supervision.
  4. Adhere to Health Safety and Environmental regulations and procedures.
  5. Sensitize all employees to accept responsibility for Safety and participate in the Safety effort.
  6. Promote a high degree of Safety awareness among all employees.
  7. Provide an effective system for monitoring and reviewing health and safety performance.


Safety is the preservation of life, property and natural resources from accidental loss.


To aid in accomplishing this objective, every person involved must realize the potential consequences of accidents and environmental damage and to comply fully with Company Safety Rules, Procedures and applicable legislation.

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