ELKARINO Nigeria Limited’s experience is vast. Over the years we have learnt and improved on skill sets acquired. This has made us tailor our services to customers’ needs giving them the satisfaction required in on-time project delivery at the least possible cost.

In partnership with our partners, we renders the following services:

  • Supply of metering system
  • System Design, Installation and Integration
  • Customers / After Sales Support -
    • Supply of Spare Parts
    • System Commissioning & On-Going Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade
    • Equipment & Control Systems Assessments/Surveys
    • Refurbishment of Existing Measurement Systems
    • Consulting & Auditing
  • Supply and Installation of Flow meters (Positive displacement meters,Turbine meters, Ultrasonic Meters)
    • Measure Master R Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings
    • Orifice Master R Single Chamber Orifice Fittings
    • Smart Flow Computers
    • Venturi Tubes
    • Orifice Flange Unions
  • Supply and Installation of Provers
    • Bi-Directional
    • Mobile
    • Prover Tanks

Facility Operations/Maintenance

  • Multiphase Meters:
    • For allocation Metering
    • Reservoir Monitoring/Optimization
    • Wet Gas application
    • Well Testing
  • Valves Products : - Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Plug Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Knife Flow Control Valves, Safety Release valves etc.
  • Wier Oil & Gas Company Products

Manufactured Products: (With relevant API monogram as applicable)

OEM Authorized Repair Facility for:

  • Floway, Gabbioneta, Hazelton, Rotojet, SPM, Geho, Warman, Lewis and Weir specialty range of pumps
  • Hopkinson, Batley, Atwood & Morill, Blackborough, BDK,Sebim RSBD, Sarasin and
  • Tricentric range of Ball, Gate, Globe, Control, Check, Safety Relief, Plug, Diaphragm
  • Butterfly and Choke valves
  • Siemens Ruston TA / TB series of Gas Turbines
  • Allen Steam Turbines
  • Philadelphia Gear boxes
  • ABB, Brooke Compton, Alstom and Harland Electric motors

Repair / Re-engineering / Upgrades / Re-rates / Failure analysis & Overhaul Services

    All makes and types of

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Valves

Advanced Parts Solution (APS):

    Supply of re-engineered spares parts for all makes and types of

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Gearboxes
  • Valves

Dredging Services

Dredging, Hydraulic Water Channel Maintenance, Shore Consolidation, Land Reclamation

Treating and Conditioning Gas/Oil/Water

  • Slug Catchers
  • Well Head Separators
  • Three Phase Separators
  • Gas and Liquid Separators
  • Gas and Liquid Filters
  • Launching and receiving traps for pigging
  • Direct and Indirect gas and liquid Heaters
  • Gas treatment columns
  • Quick opening devices threaded & Jaw types
  • Pig Stops and Pig handling devices
  • Flame Arrestors
  • Breather Valves and Manholes
  • Accessories for measuring lines

Package Units

  • Pressure Reducing and Control units
  • Pumping Units
  • Loading and Unloading Liquid Units
  • Gas Dehydrating Units
  • Glycol Regenerating Units
  • Gas/Oil separation Plants (GOSP)
  • Chemical Injection units
  • Launching and receiving systems. Manual/automatic
  • Burner Feeding units and BMS
  • Auxiliary units for compression stations
  • Completed Gas Turbine fuel (oil and gas) treatment and forwarding systems

Doxa Services

  • Fabrication/upgrade /rehabilitation services
  • Storage facility maintenance (NDT Services -- UT/RT/VI etc)
  • Repair of flow Lines (leak repairs,sectional replacement,Pipe wrap repairs)
  • Detail design intepretation and design engineering
  • Fabric maintenance : insulation, grite blast, TSA-- Thermal Sraying Aluminium e.t.c...
  • Our core services :

  • Hot work Solutions : Habitat service(Pressurized Welding Enclosure-- Maintaining Positive + and Negative - Pressure)
  • Heat shrink wrap (Dust control during grite blasting, humudity Control, Material Preservation,Positive + and Negative Pressure).
  • Bolting & torquing services.
  • Pipe cutting and Cold cutting services e.t.c.
  • Engineering Procurement of metering systems- Servicing,Installation, design of flow conditions(FMC Technologies)

Brief details of our Habitat services (PWE):

DOXA-PRESSUREHAB is a leading provider of Habitat services and with our unique panel habitat (PWE) is uniquely designed to meet our clients needs as regards zone 1 classified area. The Habitat is designed to be placed on off-shore platforms, refineries, petrochemical plants and turnarounds and eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming shut-downs. Furthermore, it makes the work environment safe. We are achieving this goal by building a cube or tent-like structure around the area where hot-work is to take place and thereby effectively creating a non classified area within an otherwise classified area. That is equivalent to you asking for a solution to work inside an ATEX area.

The unique design of our panels used to build the habitat ensures functionality, usability, flexibility and modularity that is unsurpassed in the industry. We can build around any obstacle and seal pipes, valves, beams, etc.

DOXA PRESSUREHAB™ panels are connected and sealed together with fire retardant hook and loop. The panel’s flexible design can accommodate any obstacle and various sizes of pipework, structural steel and other components to penetrate and be integrated into the Habitat. These openings are resealed by employing different types of material and consumables to ensure that pressurization and spark containment are maintained.

The Habitat is a portable, reusable and inflatable structure specifically designed to facilitate welding, grinding and torching in the oil & gas industry or in any environment with flammable or toxic gasses. Its serves two objectives at the same time: Spark containment so the outside is not affected by the sparks and secondly keeping out gasses in order to make the work area safe.

The Habitat's walls expands to suit the available space on the platform and isolate the welding area, safely containing the sparks produced by welding through maintaining a positive air-pressure within. At the same time the Habitat keeps out toxic gasses. This positive-pressure system works by creating a virtual air-lock within the Habitat and is maintained by means of continuous air-flow input and extraction. The ratio of the input to extraction guarantees that the Habitat is inflated at all times and that the air inside is always clean and free of outside contaminants. In the work situation the habitat is pressurized using air from a non contaminated area and delivered to the habitat by the use of powerful blowers and air ducts.

The pressurized welding enclosure’s airtight-construction gives a positive barrier between welding and flammables, toxic gasses or adverse weather conditions. Perpetual movement of air within the Habitat also ensures a comfortable and stable offshore working environment.

Fumes circulating around the weld area are quickly dispersed outside to a safe, non-flammable through flame-retardant, spiral air ducting and an exhaust blower. This allows the occupants to carry out welding and fabrication safely, while working in an enclosed environment.

We also offer different configurations of monitoring gasses and options for shutting down the work in case of contaminated air entering the habitat.

The Safety Shutdown System is designed as an emergency shutdown system that is capable of give audio and visual warning based on gas sensor readings at the air intake or inside the habitat to enable manual shutdown or automatically terminate hot-work inside the Habitat.

The Safety Shutdown System is unique with its modularity. We can at any time configure the system to the wishes of our client. The system can monitor for 17 different gasses but only 5 at a time. That gives more than 10,000 different configurations.

When the work is done the habitat can easily be dismantled and moved to another location.The potential sizes, dimensions and configurations are virtually limitless.

Our systems are ATEX, IECEx Certified.